Gemälde: Wiese von Hartmut Kiewert – Tiere im Wald zwischen Ruinen

8. Österreichischer Tierrechtskongress

Cultured Meat for Companion Animals (englisch) Freitag 21. Oktober, 15:00 Uhr: Vortrag im Raum SkyDome

More than a quarter of the global environmental impact of industrial animal agriculture is due to the foods people feed their cats and dogs. The majority of meat in pet food comes from:

  1. the 50% of the animal that humans don't want to eat (i.e., by-products), and;
  2. the tens of millions of tons per year of carcasses from "fallen animals", which are farmed animals that die before making it to slaughter, typically due to disease, dehydration or suffocation during transit. Although pet food is often overlooked as being an insignificant economic driver of the animal agriculture industry, in fact, the sale of this inedible material is a USD$21 billion industry, demonstrating that in the absence of pet food serving as an outlet for this otherwise unsellable meat, the economics of animal agriculture would not be viable.

In her talk, Shannon will describe how this led her to go on to create pet food made with cultured meat: the only meat that is truly humane and environmentally sustainable.


Dieser Vortrag wird auf englisch gehalten.

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