CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna

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Go Veggie for 30 Days! English talk by Cezary Wyszyński (Poland)

Franz von Sales: Seminar room, ground floor

Go Veggie for 30 Days – notification based action – gamechanger in pro veg*an campaigning

In search of effective tools to promote vegan diet, 6 years ago we developed a programme which we called Go Veggie for 30 days. It's based on daily emails (and recently also on notifications in a smartphone application). Each message contains interesting facts about animals, nutritional information and vegan recipes. The programme turned out to be extremely successful – in terms of the number of participants as well as in the percentage of people who gave up meat. Over 100,000 Poles joined this action and 76% declared they want to stay on a veggie diet.

The construction of the campaign lets us easily measure what people need and what they find most useful. At the end of talk I will offer help to other organisations to set up their own programmes and also use our smartphone app.

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