CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna


Three sessions usually take place simultaneously; workshops, talks and panel discussions. In addition, information stalls and exhibitions are on display throughout the day. Key talks and panel discussions from invited speakers take place in the evening and Saturday evening is social evening with entertainment in the conference centre bar.

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Please note that all talks on Thursday are in German and that it may still be necessary to make changes to the program.


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Thursday 2017-11-02

Registration & welcome buffet
Multilingual break by all (int)
Opening speech
German main talk by Martin Balluch, Harald Balluch (at)
Sharing the earth
German main talk by Hilal Sezgin (de)
Reorienting life
German panel debate by Hubert Gassner, Siegfried Kröpfl, Prof. Dr. Rudolf Winkelmayer (at)

Friday 2017-11-03

Why do we kill animals for fur?
English talk by Kristina Mering (ee)
Having your animal and eating it too?
English talk by Simon Gerlach (dk)
Live export
English talk by Gabriel Paun (at)
Art exhibition on Friday
Multilingual art exhibition by Susanne Hödl, Hartmut Kiewert, Meune Lehmann, Maria Elena Luciani, Jo-Anne McArthur, Chris Moser, Denise Hof Slapansky, Nicole Staudenherz, Roland Straller, Valentina Zavoli (at/de/it/ca/be)
Expanding movement
English talk by Claudio Pomo (it)
Pobjede – Croatian word for Victories
English talk by Hrvoje Harač (hr)
Uniting for success
English talk by Dr. Elena Nalon (be)
Improve Relationships and Communication
English talk by Dr. Melanie Joy (us/de)
Intersectionality and AR Activism
English talk by Lena Remich (at)
Computer Security for Activists
English talk by Franz Gratzer (at)
Art Presentation Chris Moser
German talk by Chris Moser (at)
How to create a vegan world?
English talk by Tobias Leenaert (be)
Fundraising ideas and their success
English talk by Kerstin Lehninger, M.A. (at)
How to be an AR-catalyst
English talk by Marion Löcker (at)
Lunch break Friday
Multilingual break by all (int)
Poachers Beware
English talk by Reinhard Grabler (at)
Legal advances in Slovenia
English talk by Priscila Gulič, M.Sc. (si)
Europe's Animal Rights History
English talk by Claudiu Lup (ro)
Civil Disobedience and Confrontational Reform Campaigns
English talk by Martin Balluch (at)
Open Exchange
English talk by all (int)
Animal protection in Russia
English talk by Dinara Ageeva (ru)
Fur farm ban in Czechia
English talk by Marek Vorsilka (cz)
Helping dogs in the Balkans
English talk by Neira Obralija (ba)
Unity in Diversity
English talk by Anita Euschen (hr)
The power of storytelling
English talk by Jan Sorgenfrei (dk)
Using Instagram effectively
English talk by Kerstin Lehninger, M.A., DI Ines Haider (at)
Abolition of factory farming
English talk by Sophie Kwass (ch)
Dinner break Friday
Multilingual break by all (int)
Introducing ProVeg
English talk by Dr. Melanie Joy, Sebastian Joy, M.A., Tobias Leenaert (us/de/be)
Can Animals be Moral?
English main talk by Mark Rowlands (us)

Saturday 2017-11-04

Promoting Veg*nism: Struggles & Successes
English talk by Trent Grassian (us)
Rescuing on a Large Scale
English talk by Lina Lind Christensen (dk)
Art exhibition on Saturday
Multilingual art exhibition by Susanne Hödl, Hartmut Kiewert, Meune Lehmann, Maria Elena Luciani, Jo-Anne McArthur, Chris Moser, Denise Hof Slapansky, Nicole Staudenherz, Roland Straller, Valentina Zavoli (at/de/it/ca/be)
Militant Pragmatism
English talk by Aaron Ross, Pru Elliot (us)
Change through farm sanctuaries
English talk by Sarah Heiligtag (ch)
Book Presentation by Martin Balluch
English talk by Martin Balluch (at)
Early Intervention Network
English talk by Jens Tuider, M.A., Kristin Höhlig (de)
Against factory farming in Italy
English talk by Annamaria Pisapia (it)
Animal&Law database Vienna
German talk by Dr. Niklas Hintermayr (at)
Art Presentation Denise Hof Slapansky
English talk by Denise Hof Slapansky (de)
How to present veganism?
English talk by Vegan Geezer (uk)
Low-cost fundraising
English talk by Jiri Krupa (cz)
Credible or not?
German talk by Dr. Katharina Weiss (de)
Lunch break Saturday
Multilingual break by all (int)
We Animals
English talk by Jo-Anne McArthur (ca)
Compassion Zones
English talk by Ralf Müller-Amenitsch (de)
Artificial animal product replacement
English talk by Kurt Schmidinger (at)
State funded vegan cookery training in schools
English talk by Felix Hnat (at)
Vegan Food in Prison
English talk by Jeanette Rowley (uk)
Ethical towards animals
English talk by Ludmila Loginovskaya (by)
Vegan Rights
English talk by Petr Kudelka (at)
Deliberative Democracy and the Foxhunting Debate
English talk by Lucy Parry (au)
AR, policies and law
English talk by Maida Šabeta (ba)
Animal rights in the European Union
English talk by Stefan Bernhard Eck (de)
Ombuds Office for Animal Protection
English talk by DI Eva Persy, MBA MSc (at)
Klatki: The Hidden Farms Of Europe (film)
English talk by C.M Jackson (uk)
Dinner break Saturday
Multilingual break by all (int)
Democracy for Animals
English main talk by Dan Lyons PhD (uk)
Get-together evening
Multilingual break by all (int)
Magic show
Multilingual by Joshua Jodokus (at)

Sunday 2017-11-05

Corporations: Friend or Enemy?
English talk by Renato Pichler, Kurt Schmidinger (ch/at)
Animal ethics education
German talk by Maya Conoci (ch)
Animal rights activism in Eastern Europe
English talk by Dobrosława Gogłoza (pl)
Art exhibition on Sunday
Multilingual art exhibition by Susanne Hödl, Hartmut Kiewert, Meune Lehmann, Maria Elena Luciani, Jo-Anne McArthur, Chris Moser, Denise Hof Slapansky, Nicole Staudenherz, Roland Straller, Valentina Zavoli (at/de/it/ca/be)
The why and how of pro-veg interventions
English talk by Sebastian Joy, M.A. (de)
Undercover investigations
German talk by Ria Rehberg (de)
EU ban on mink farms
English talk by Petko Politov (bg)
The Art of Collaboration
English talk by Alexandria Beck (us)
Destructive hate campaigns
German talk by Renato Pichler (ch)
Beyond Sanctuary to Rewilding
English talk by Ruth Hawe (uk)
Art Presentation Nicole Staudenherz
English talk by Nicole Staudenherz (at)
Was my friend a spycop?
English talk by Eveline Lubbers, Jessica (nl/uk)
Being vegan is not enough
German talk by Petra Schönbacher (at)
Cognitive dissonance in meat-eaters
English talk by David Leonard, MSc. (at)
Lunch break Sunday
Multilingual break by all (int)
Marketing and Meat-a-physics
English talk by David Pedersen (dk)
Creative Dissent
English talk by Paula Meninato (us)
Go Veggie for 30 Days!
English talk by Cezary Wyszyński (pl)
The Save Movement
English talk by Alex Bezjak (ca)
From Empathy to Ideology
English talk by Tobias Rein (de)
Beyond animal agriculture
German talk by Daniel Mettke Dipl. Ing (FH) (de)
Where is the AR movement going?
English talk by Martin Balluch (at)

In Addition

The conference centre provides a vegan lunch and evening meal. However, please note that priority is given to those ordering food with their registration.

Along side the regular program the Animal Rights Congress offers an extra program with display and information stands where all types of animal rights literature and products can be displayed on request. Items should not be included here which condone animal abuse in any way or that attack other organisations or individuals involved in advocating for animal rights and/or veg*ism. Products on display should not contain any animal products or have been tested on animals.

All those wishing to have a stand should contact us at events (at) to coordinate the available space.

The stands can be found in the foyer, an area which can't be locked outside conference hours. However, space in a shared lockable storeroom can be made available on request. (Neither the organisers nor the Don Bosco-Haus can take liability for damage or loss of belongings.)