CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna

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Lina Lind Christensen

Lina Lind Christensen Denmark

Lina Lind Christensen, founder of Frie Vinger & Scandinavian Director of Corporate Outreach at Anima

Lina is the founder of Frie Vinger (Free Wings), which rescues and rehomes hens from the egg industry. Lina is also the Scandinavian Director of Corporate Outreach at the Danish animal rights organisation Anima.

Lina founded Frie Vinger in 2011 and has rescued and rehabilitated more than 1500 hens from the egg industry. Frie Vinger serves both as an animal rescue service and a sanctuary that allows visitors to connect with the animals and open their hearts and minds to hens and chickens.

Lina has a master's degree in philosophy and in her master's thesis, she explored different conceptions of animal welfare among consumers, animal protection organisations, and farmers. She lives in Odense, Denmark with her husband, four rescued parrots and the 15 rescued hens that are Frie Vinger's permanent residents.

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