CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna

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Fur farm ban in Czechia English talk by Marek Vorsilka (Czechia)

Don Bosco Saal: Main hall, ground floor

How we achieved the fur farm ban in Czechia

Up until early 2015, a fur farm ban in Czechia seemed like a mere activist dream. All campaign attempts had failed and no one from the politics had every taken them seriously. The Ministry of Agriculture was sure enough to issue a written guarantee to the farmers that no ban would be adopted.

Then a new campaign turned everything upside down. Within just a few months, the issue got covered by all mainstream media and well-known politicians started expressing support for the ban. One year after the campaign launch, a bill signed by a quarter of all deputies was submitted to the parliament. The farmers involved PR professionals and a real parliament opposition started emerging. Despite this, the bill was, in the end, approved by an overwhelming majority, and all fur farms will now have to close by January 2019.

This presentation will focus on the key factors and moments that made the politicians take the issue seriously, defeated the emerging opposition and led to the final victory.

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