CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna

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Live export English talk by Gabriel Paun (Austria)

Franz von Sales: Seminar room, ground floor

Live export of European animals to 3rd countries

Every year millions of European animals are exported live to 3rd countries for slaughter. Those who survive the journey often endure brutal treatment and conscious slaughter. Cattle, sheep and goats are sent throughout the Middle East, North Africa and Asia – to countries with no laws to protect them from cruelty. Tens of thousands of animals don't survive the sea journey and those that do disembark into countries where they are transported, handled and then slaughtered in appalling ways. Most animals slaughtered overseas have their throats cut while they are fully conscious, leading to an incredibly painful and prolonged death.

Since 2003, Animals Australia has conducted numerous investigations into the treatment of animals exported from Australia. The evidence from investigations in the Middle East and South-East Asia has consistently revealed the willingness of Australia's live export industry, and consecutive Federal Governments, to export live animals despite appalling cruelty in importing markets. As a result, the exporting company is now liable for the welfare of the animal till destinations in 3rd countries, a mandatory regulation that started to discourage trading companies. This offered a market opportunity for European animals to be exported to in a larger number to these destinations. A problem is gradually being replaced with another and our investigations reveal that more and more European animals being exported alive each year in breach of EU transport regulation, European Court of Justice ruling and OIE requirements.

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