CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna

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Gabriel Paun

Gabriel Paun Austria

Gabriel PAUN, winner of the EuroNatur award 2016

Gabriel Paun's is a biologist and the EU director of Animals International, the global arm of the campaigning organization Animals Australia. For 16 years Gabriel has been an advocate for animal rights, for nature and against genetic engineering. His previous work experience includes Greenpeace, Four Paws, among others and he is the founder of the Romanian nature conservation non-profit, Agent Green. He is investigating & exposing the cruelty behind the live export industry and turn it into leverage to advocate politicians to end this trade. In the past years he has been investigating and making strategies on campaigns for farm animals, laboratory animals, companion animals and wild animals. For example, in 2012 he convinced Ferrero or Toblerone to stop using cage eggs globally. In 2013, his team convinced The North Face, Mammut and other outdoor companies to phase out feather from animals that have been force fed or plucked alive. His 2014 investigation in the buffalo mozzarella farms in Italy has been up to date the largest international scandal related to this industry. He has also been investigating and making campaign strategies in the field of canned hunting and wildlife smuggling in Africa but also on working elephants in Asia. He is leading campaigns for primeval forest protection. For his extensive work in protecting Europe's forests and nature, Gabriel received the EuroNatur Award in 2016.

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