CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna

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Denise Hof Slapansky

Denise Hof Slapansky Germany

Denise Hof Slapansky, art therapist and artist

The moment the separation in my head between farm animals and pets broke down I was shocked about myself. My whole life I had been thinking to love animals. Why not loving them ALL, was not the question that was in my mind. I became vegan overnight and started activism.

When it came to save an eight months old calf right before being slaughtered I entered a slaughterhouse for the first time. There he stood, full of panic and fear. Paul. He lives in a sanctuary now, Hof Butenland. I cared for him two months until he could travel there.

I am an art therapist and was painting sculpturing my whole life. The decision to serve the animals with all my creativity was – after becoming a vegan – the best I have ever made. To show so called farm animals so called dairy etc. in their personality, in their beauty, to bring them into light, is my intention. Not only mammals, but fish, reptiles, insects – ALL animals need far more attention and protection.

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