CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna

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Beyond Sanctuary to Rewilding English talk by Ruth Hawe (United Kingdom)

Franz von Sales: Seminar room, ground floor

What Rescued Animals Deserve

Genuine freedom for liberated farmed animals means self governance, not merely escape from enslavement into more comfortable confinement. My vision extends to the future when the world is largely Vegan, and I want it to be us, the animal activists and advocates, not farmers turned guardians, who ensure this freedom. The land freed up by us not breeding/feeding billions of beings should be given back to the animals both wild and domestic, with reforested and wilderness human-free zones in perpetuity to our fellow Earthlings. We activists rightly spend much of our time working on what we don't want, in order to eradicate the horrors of animal agriculture, so my plea is for us to also give time to intending the future we DO want to co-create together.

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Ruth Hawe
Vegantopia (group)
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