CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna

Detailed information

Low-cost fundraising English talk by Jiri Krupa (Czechia)

Laura Vicuña: Seminar room, first floor

Low-cost integrated fundraising - how to make sure your messaging is not about you, but about the cause.

How would you feel on a date with a person talking only about his/her needs, pains and whereabouts? It might feel ok for some time, but sooner or later, you will realize there is more to life. You will pursue other people who can appreciate you more. You will be looking for someone who has the same values as you. Someone with the same beliefs and life goals. Someone who will follow those goals with you hand in hand ...

Now, replace that nasty someone with a random NGO you know. Are they walking the path with you or do they just expect your donations and support no questions asked? In this session, you will see how this "value-based approach" brought OBRAZ (Animal Defenders Czechia) not only the fuel for winning the fur farm ban campaign, but also a surplus of monthly donors to support the next move in the fight for animal rights in the Czech Republic.

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