CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna

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Joshua Jodokus

Joshua Jodokus Austria

Poker Dealer. Activist. Magician.

Every now and so often, you hear people complain about how hard it would be to quit eating meat. Our magician here can relate. When Joshua decided to go vegetarian he was 6 years old. Even though he struggled to push through, like many people do, he really committed himself to it. And after a year of trying, he finally quit eating meat when he was 7 years old. I probably wouldn't have gotten there as quickly, without my best friends who were raised vegetarian. But nonetheless if a 7 year old can do it – I'm certain everybody can. – he told us.

In the course of his young life, he has consistently tried to spread awareness about the suffering animals have to face. When 13 animal rights activists got wrongfully imprisoned, in May 2008, Joshua joined the protest march with his friends the next day. Since then he has been active in the animal rights movement.

Joshua quit his highly paid job as poker dealer last year to become a fulltime professional magician. Now he is resident magician at the freshly opened Museum of Illusions in the heart of Vienna.

Contributions to the conference

  • Magic show
    Multilingual on
    room: Kellerbar

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