CARE - Conference on Animal Rights Europe, 2-5 November 2017 in Vienna


Three sessions usually take place simultaneously; workshops, talks and panel discussions. In addition, information stalls and exhibitions are on display throughout the day. Key talks and panel discussions from invited speakers take place in the evening and Saturday evening is social evening with entertainment in the conference centre bar.

The conference centre provides a vegan lunch and evening meal. However, please note that priority is given to those ordering food with their registration.

Along side the regular program, which will be online as soon as possible, the Animal Rights Congress offers an extra program with display and information stands where all types of animal rights literature and products can be displayed on request. Items should not be included here which condone animal abuse in any way or that attack other organisations or individuals involved in advocating for animal rights and/or veg*ism. Products on display should not contain any animal products or have been tested on animals.

All those wishing to have a stand should contact us at events (at) to coordinate the available space.

The stands can be found in the foyer, an area which can't be locked outside conference hours. However, space in a shared lockable storeroom can be made available on request. (Neither the organisers nor the Don Bosco-Haus can take liability for damage or loss of belongings.)